Intolerable Acts
By: Gabe Lux
Intolerable Acts
American Colonies, and Great Britain.
Also called the Coercive Acts.1. Boston Port Bill. This bill was passed on June 1, 1774. This bill closed the Boston Harbor to everything except British ships.
2. The Quartering Act. This act was passed on March 24, 1765. This Act forced the colonists to feed and house the British troops sent by the King.
3. The Administration of Justice Act. This act was effective on May 20, 1774 and allowed the British officials to do whatever they wanted to the colonists and not have to go to court until they returned to Britain.
4. Massachusetts Government Act. This act was also passed on May 20, 1774. This act took away all self-government in Boston.
5.The Quebec Act. This act was passed on May 20, 1774 as well, and forced the colonies of Connecticut, Virginia, and Massachusetts to be cut off by the extension of the Canadian Border.
Spring 1774.
When King George III heard about the Boston Tea Party, he realized Britain started to lose control of the colonies. He then decided to pass the Intolerable acts to punish the people of the colonies for the act of the Boston Tea Party. It was obvious that what the British had been doing, was getting out of hand. Because of this, there was the first intercolonial conference since the Stamp Act. This caused the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia on September 5, 1774.

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