Mission Statement

All Saints School will provide a qualified professional to serve all children, families, teachers, and staff. Said person shall function as a guidance counselor, consultant, liaison with outside agencies, resource, and coordinator for various events and services.

Vision Statement

Provision of above services to All Saints School Family without regard to ability, race, or socioeconomic status in order that every All Saints child may achieve to the maximum of their academic and emotional ability.


Each child receives one half hour guidance lesson every other week in the classroom. In addition, a child may turn a slip in to their teacher requesting and individual, group, or family appointment. Individual and small group guidance is offered at the request of a student, parent, and/or staff request. Specific lessons are added on an as needed basis to address specific concerns. A general overview of the guidance curriculum follows:

Kindergarten: Focus is on cooperation, independence, interdependence, and consideration for others as social skills for the school experience are formed.

Grade One: Focus is on manners, social skills, and getting along with diversity. concluding with a six lesson program on feeling, thinking for oneself, and seeking help.

Grade Two: Anger management, self control, treatment of others, and conflict resolution are the focus here, along with a short careers unit.

Grade Three: Focus on treatment of others, perseverance, and conflict resolution.

Grade Four: Character Education is the focus. Lessons on attentiveness, truthfulness, gratefulness, generosity, orderliness, forgiveness, sincerity, obedience, and virtue are offered.

Grade Five: Focus for one half year centers on listening, time management, and transition skills for middle school. The other half shifts to ethic scenarios and large group discussion to enhance dealing with "peer pressure".

In addition, each class is given one or more lessons on bullying, harassment, substance abuse, and safe touch.

Guidance also includes the running of meeting for Bruin's Boosters, a student advisory committee, made up of volunteers who meet monthly to plan events, fundraisers, and service projects for the All Saints Family. Minutes from meetings will be published throughout the year.

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Kapsch at the school (319-363-4110 x 235) or by e-mail:

[email protected]

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