Class Structure: Mrs. Smith meets students in music twice a week and class is 40 minutes in length. Students also meet for liturgical music with Mrs. Gearhart once a week. Students participate in a keyboard unit and "show choir".

Behavior: The music room has a "Super, Okay, Oops" chart that helps inform tudents of appropriate behavior. This is a classroom management tool. It also assists with communication between the music teacher and the classroom teacher.

Expectations: Be a good listener. Always do your best. Treat God, yourself, and others with respect. Treat our materials with care.


Kindergarten: Learn about the different ways to use our voices, learning ways to move with our bodies to music, and learning to clap (tap, stomp...) a steady beat to songs.

First Grade: Learn the difference between the steady beat and the fhythm of a song, learning to recognize the shpae of a melody, and learning about fast and slow tempos.

Second Grade: Learn about the meters of songs (songs that move in twos and smgs that move in threes), learning to sing harmonies in rounds and partner songs, and recognizing patterns in melodies.

Third Grade: Learn about the forms of songs (how they are put together), learn about different genres of music (marches versus ballads), and learn about phrases in music.

Fourth Grade: Learn more complicated rhythm patterns, singing counter-melodies in songs, and recognizing "sequencing" patterns in melodies.

Fifth Grade: Learn more complicated song forms, learnabout meters in 6, and practice uneven rhythms in songs.


Students in fifth grade are introduced to instruments and the beginning structure of band.

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