Mission Statement

  The mission of All Saints School, a shared responsibility of educators and family, is to   provide and reinforce a quality, Catholic education. We are committed to enhancing the   spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical and emotional development of each student.

Academic Excellence

  All Saints School prepares students in mind, body and spirit for the challenges of   secondary education. The outstanding curriculum emphasizes academic achievement,   spiritual development and community involvement. All academic programs meet state   and local standards for excellence. With a class size of 18.5, individual needs are assessed and tailored for optimal development. Both accelerated and remedial services are available for optimal learning.

Religious Education

  The goal of the All Saints School community is to promote a Christian atmosphere in the   Roman Catholic tradition. By focusing on this goal, each student is given a unique   Catholic identity through instruction in Catholic doctrine and shared faith experiences.

  In conjunction with the doctrine, students are taught the simple, yet vital, elements of   respect and caring. An extension of religious education is evident in All Saints School's   encouragement of self-growth. Students learn to show responsibility for personal actions.     They are encouraged to see that positive interaction with others in their school,   neighborhood and world is significant to daily living.


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