Staff - Robin Nelson, Teacher Librarian
           Johni Stephan, Media Volunteer

Mission Statement: To ensure that students at All Saints School are effective users of ideas and information that will enable them to be knowledgeable Catholic citizens.

Vision Statement: Provide access to up-to-date school library materials to improve literacy skills and academic achievement; provide a library curriculum that integrates information skills into the classroom curriculum; promote literacy by sharing literature and encouraging reading.

Policies and Procedures: The All Saints Library is open to all students every day to check books in and out, read, share literature experiences and learning activities, and conduct research. Students also use the adjoining computer lab to complete technology-related projects and to take Accelerated Reading tests.

Students may check out books for a two week period. There are no fines for students in grades kindergarten through third grade. Students in grades four and five are issued fines of five cents per school day that a book is late. No fees are charged for weekends or days that school is not in session. Overdue notices and fine reports go home once a week.

Students in kindergarten and grade one may have two books checked out at a time. Second and third grade students may have three books checked out at one time. Grade four and five students have no check out limit but are encouraged to use reasonable judgment. Occasionally a student may be limited if they consistently return books late.

Behavior: Students who have difficulty with class are timed out from activities and the problem is discussed between teacher and student. Inappropriate handling of equipment may result in the student's loss of time on the equipment.

Expectations: Be responsible for materials and equipment. Be kind to others, and respect others property.

Curriculum: Students in kindergarten through fifth grade have Media class for an hour each week. Library/media and computer classes are integrated.

Kindergarten: Students check out library materials and learn about the materials available to them. Students work on a book integrating the "Letter of the Week" curriculum of the kindergarten classroom. Students learn about states along with the "letter of the week". They begin group research skills.

First: Students check out library materials and learn about the materials available to them. Units about Arctic animals and Nutrition are coordinated with the classroom curriculum. Students are introduced to group research skills.

Second: Students check out library materials. Dictionary skills are introduced. Students research and learn about the Rain Forest as part of the second grade curriculum integration.

Third: Students check out library materials. Alphabetical order, parts of the library and the Dewey Decimal System are introduced. Partner research skills are introduced.

Fourth: Students check out library materials. Reference materials are introduced. Bibliographies and the correct form for bibliographies are introduced. Research of states is coordinated with the fourth grade classroom curriculum.

Fifth: Students check out library materials. They refine their reference skills. Curriculum integration coordinates with fifth grade study of Native Americans. Continued use of correct bibliography form is emphasized.

Adopt-A-Book: The purpose of the Adopt-A-Book program is to give students and families an opportunity to be part of adding books to our library collection. The giving occasion may be a birthday, birth of a sibling, a grandparent event, or for no particular occasion at all. Students select a book to "adopt" from our Adopt-A-Book shelf in the library. The donated book will include a book plate in the front with the child or family's name, date, and occasion of the donation. The child or family's name will be displayed in the hall outside the library. The donated book will be kept in the All Saints Library to be checked out and enjoyed by our students for years to come. A selection of books is available in the library.




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