Although the support of Catholic education is the responsibility of the entire parish community, those families who benefit directly from All Saints School's educational program are justly called upon to contribute more intensely through tuition and/or fees. As is the case with all parishioners, parish school families are expected to respond to the call of Christian stewardship by supporting All Saints Parish with their gifts of time, talent, and treasure.

Stewardship Tuition Policy

"Parish Steward tuition fees are given to those families that demonstrate their commitment to the parish community by
1.) participating in weekly Eucharistic assembly,
2.) sharing in the various ministries and activities of the parish as well as the school community, and
3.) contributing financially to the parish at a minimum level established by the All Saints Parish Council with Board of Education input.

All Saints School parish families choosing to not meet the stewardship commitment, will pay a higher parishioner tuition rate established by the Board of Education.

All Saints School families who are not members of All Saints Parish will pay a tuition based on the per pupil cost as determined by the Board of Education.

Regis Middle School and/or Xavier High School parish families choosing not to meet the stewardship commitment will be certified for the "Out of Parish" tuition rate at their respective school(s)."

The expected financial contribution established by the Parish is $780 per year ($15/week). Procedures for seeking an exemption from this policy are in place. The financial contribution for the Stewardship Tuition Policy for new families registering for All Saints School will be a minimum $390 contribution to the parish by December 31, 2008.

Families who are unable to meet the Parish Steward criterion are encouraged to complete the exemption form available from the principal.

Tution Rates

Parish Steward

 Cost Per Child
 One Child

 Two Children

 Three Children

 Four Children


 Parish Member


 Out of Parish


There is also a book fee of $60 per student and a Health Promotion Fee of $25 per child.


All families will be expected to sign up for automatic withdrawal. Other options, with administrative approval, are to pay in full at registration or to make two payments, half at registration and half in January.        

Remember that a percentage of your SCRIP purchases can be applied to your tuition (TRIP).    

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