Results of the Revolutionary War
by Rachel

    There are many different resultes from the Revolutionary War. Thousands of dollars and lives, gone. Here are some more facts that came from the Revolutionary War;

Lives Lost

    About 7,200 Americans were killed during battle of the Revolutionary war, another 8,200 more were wounded, and about 10,000 others died in the military camps from disease and exposure. 8,500 died in prison after being captured from the British. All together 25,700 were killed, with about 1,400 soldiers missing. Only about 10,000 Bristish people  died.

Money Lost

    Many soldiers in the Continental army came out of the war with barley any money. The 13 colonies and the congress where in very bad debt during and after the war. A new Constitution, approved in 1788, gave Congress the power of taxation. Largely through taxes, Congress paid off much of the war debt by the early 1800's. 

    The Revolutionary war put a big dent in the United Kingdoms economy. The king and parliament feared that they might go bankrupt. But after the war trade increased greatly, taxes on the trade helped reduce the United Kingdoms debt.

    Of all the warring nations, France could least afford its expenditures on the Revolutionary War. By 1788, the country was nearly bankrupt. France's financial troubles helped bring on the French Revolution in 1789.

Government Lost

    The 13 colonials stopped the royal ruling and set up a government ruled by law and dedicated to the guarantee of certain basic rights, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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