Boston Tea Party
By: Sami

    Tea became the next crisis in the colonies. In early 1773, the directors of the British East India Company asked Lord North for help with their financial troubles and to help the company the government agreed o the Tea Act. This gave the East India Company the right to sell tea directly to the colonists without paying the British import tax. The company carried tea in its own ships and used its own sellers. This cut out business for colonial sea captains and merchants. The 3 ships were sailing into Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Charles Town carrying 500,000 pounds of tea.

    The ships sat in the harbor and a group of people disguised as Indians ran silently down the docks and got on the ships. Then they dumped the tea into the harbor and the people were easily recongnized as the Boston's Sons of Liberty.

    The news of the Boston Tea Party made the Parliament furious. The response would push the colonists still further away, until tensions went into war.


Who dumped the tea in the Harbor?
The British were taxing the colonists on tea and they weren't very happy about it, so they decided to go to the 3 ships sailing into the harbor that night and dump all the tea in the harbor.
What? The colonist, Son's of Liberty, dressed up as Indians and went onto the ships and dumped tea into the harbor.
Where? The Boston Tea Party was at the 3 ships sitting in the Boston Harbor.
When? December 16,1773
Why? The happened because the colonist were getting sick of being taxed on tea and didn't think that they should have been taxed on tea.


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