Results of The War
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Results of the War

As a result of the Rev War, the 13 British colonies threw off royal rule.  In its place, they established governments ruled by law an dedicated to the guarantee of certain basic rights, including life liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  Admiration for the principles that guided the revolution led people elsewhere to demand political reforms.  Thomas Paine declared that the Revolutionary War Contributed more to enlighten the world, and diffuse a spirit of freedom and liberty among mankind, than any human event that ever preceded it.


War Losses

Most historians estimate that about 7,200 Americans were killed in Battle during the Revolutionary War.  Approximately 8,200 more were wounded.  About 10,000 others died in Military camps from disease or exposure to bad weather over long periods of time.  Some 8,500 died in prison after being captured by the British.  American military deaths from all causes during the war, total about 25,700.  About 1,400 soldiers went missing.  British military deaths totaled about 10,000.  Many soldiers in the American army did not make any money, and those who did didnt get paid much at all.  Soldiers who were enlisted for the entire war received land certificates for the land in the west.  Many of the veterans had to sell the certificates before land in the west became available.  In 1818, Congress agreed to pay pensions to needy veterans. 


Costs of the War 

The 13 states and the Congress went deeply into debt after the war.  A new Constitution, approved in 1788, gave Congress the power to tax the colonies.  Because of the taxes, Congress paid off most of the debt. The Rev War severely strained the United Kingdoms economy.  The kking and parliament feared that the war would bankrupt the country.  But because of the war newly open trade routes with the American greatly helped the economy recover.  Taxes on that trade reduced the Uks debt.  Of all the countries that were in the war, France could not afford it after it was over.  By, 1788, the country was nearly bankrupt.  Frances financial troubles helped bring the French Rev in 1789.

Sides Dead Wounded
Americans 17,200 8,200
British 10,000 Unknown

Sides Missing
Americans 1,400
British Unknown



Who What When Where Why
The Americans Colonists and the British The loses that both the Americans and the British suffered during the war During the American Revolutionary War In the American Colonies and land around them Because of the RevolutionaryWar

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