Intolerable Acts
By Blake

The Intolerable Acts were five British laws that the Americans extremely disliked. The laws were passed in 1774 by the British parliament. The 4 main laws were created to punish the people from Massachusetts for throwing the tea into the Boston Harbor in 1773, and to strengthen British authority. Another name for the acts is Coercive Acts.

The acts are:

1. The Boston Port Act closed the port of Boston. This law says that the port would be reopened only after Bostonians paid for the tea and showed proper respect for the British.

2. The second act states that any officer or soldier of the British government who was arrested could be sent to England for trial.

3.  The third act is the Massachusetts Government Act, changed the charter of Massachusetts. It provided for a council appointed by the Crown and prohibited town meetings without the governors permission, except to elect officers.

4. The fourth act required the colonist to quarter the British soldiers.

5.   Americans believed mistakenly that the fifth act, called the Quebec act, was also intended as a punishment. This act extended the province of Quebec southward to the Ohio River, and granted freedom of worship to the Roman Catholics in the province.

The Intolerable Acts were an important force in uniting Britains 13 American colonies. The British leaders who had intended merely to punish one colony found that they had practically driven all the colonies of war.

The Acts had several different effects during the Revolutionary. The Massachusetts Government Act did away with elective government making almost all positions in the government appointed, and that under the Seal of Great Britain. The Admininstration of Justice Act authorized the governor of Massachusettes to transfer any trial to Great Britain, and authorizing coercive action to provide witnessess at those trials. The Boston Port Act closed the Port of Boston until damages for the Boston Tea Party were paid. The Quartering Act required that troops be housed not only in commercial and empty buildings but in occupied dwelling as well.

            The acts also accidently promomted sypmathy for the revolutionaries in Massachusettes, and encouraged revolutionaries form the otherwise diverse colonies to band together, but the Quebec Act had the opposite effect among French Catholics in the Province of Quebec, encouraging many of them to either pragmatic inaction or support for the Crown.

The Intolerable Acts were also a supporting factor behind the calling of the First Continental Congress and the Declaration of Rights and Grievences. It dealt with the Intolerable Acts by creating the Continental Association. This was an agreement to boycott British goods and if that did not get acts reversed after a year, to stop exporting goods to Great Britain as well. The Intolerable Acts were last for both Great Britain and the colonies. On April 19th, 1775 tensions grew high and the colonial militia men and British soldiers fought at Lexington and Concord, touching off the American Revolution.


        The Intolerable Acts name was given by American patriots, which are the five acts that were adopted in 1774. Four of these laws were passed to punish the people of Massachusetts for the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Port Bill closed the port until such time as the East India Company should be paid for the tea that was destroyed. Other acts changed the noble agreement of Massachusetts. It provided for the quartering of troops the New York assembly had earlier from 1767 to 1769 had been suspended for refusing to make provisions for British troops in the colony without consent, and gave royal officials in conflict with colonial authorities the right to trial in England. American opposition to these laws and to the Quebec Act was felt in all the colonies, since the actions taken against Massachusetts might be extended to any colony and the Quebec Act was considered a violation of the sea-to-sea grants of many colonial charters. The outcome was the First Continental Congress.

The British and the Americans

Americans threw the Britsh tea into Boston port and the British want pay back so they want to tax and get there money back.

1774- 1779
Boston, Massachusetts and Great Britain.
 To tax the Americans and get money from them, so they could get their money back from the Americans throwing the Tea into the port.
Create the Intolerable Acts and punish the Americans.

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