By: Luke

The Boston Tea Party was an attack by the American colonists who took over three ships and dumped the tea into the harbor on December 16th 1773. To do this the colonists disguised themselves as Indians they emptied 342 chests of tea into the harbor to avoid tax on tea from the British. The British helped unify the Americans on their way to Independence.
 In 1767, the British Parliament had placed duties on several imported items to America. The Americans thought those taxes were illegal and said they were not going to pay them. In 1773 Boston passed an act called the tea act. The tea act was to get the East India Company, a British trading company out of money problems. This act also let them sell tea in America at low prices. But the tea was still subject to the duty established in 1767. Soon the tea was shipped to America who was given monopoly on it. Colonist’s feared that the tea would put them out of business. The colonists thought if they paid the taxes the British would put more taxes on them. The colonists tried to stop the “tea” ships from porting in the harbor. The king rejected those efforts. At a signal given by Sam Adams an unknown number of men maybe 100 or more. They dumped out all the tea. The British reacted by enforcing more harsh acts.

disguised as indians

They dumped 342 chests of tea in to the Boston Harbor
December 16, 1773
Boston, Massachusetts
They said to take it back and they didn’t so they dumped it into the harbor

Because government passed the Tea Act

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