Intolerable Acts

    Started because the Parliament was mad because the colonists had dumped all of the American tea into the Boston Harbor. They were so angry that they closed off the Boston Harbor until the debt was paid back for all the tea that was wasted. In addition to the closing of the Boston Harbor, the British could place soldiers anywhere they wanted in the colonies.


    The Intolerable Acts were made to punish the colonists for dumping all of the tea into the Boston Harbor. The first act was to Close the Boston Harbor until the debt was repaid. The second act was that any British soldier arrested for murder could be sent to England for trial. The third act was called the Massachusetts Government Act. It provided a council picked by the king and didnt allow town meetings without the permission of the governor, unless the wanted to elect officers. The fourth act forced some colonists to feed and house British  soldiers. The fifth act called the Quebec Act, this act extended the province of Quebec southward to the Ohio River, and granted freeedom of worship to Roman Catholics in the province.

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