Boston Tea Party
By: Steven
the colonist
Boston Tea Party
Boston, Massachusetts       
December 16,1773

the colonists were mad because they raised the tax for tea.
they dumped the tea into the sea

Protest died down when Parliament passed the Tea Act in the Americas to the East India Tea Company.
The governor of Massachusetts. Thomas Hutchinson, and thought we should dump the tea in the ocean, despite a boycott organized by the Sons Of Liberty.
            At the dusk of the evening, on December16th, thousands of Bostonians and farmers from the countryside packed into the Old South Meeting house to hear Sam Adams. Samuel got ride of the Governor for denying clearance for vessels wishing to leave with tea still on board. The colonists also known as the Sons Of Liberty dressed up as Indians. They went to the dock and dumped about 500,000. This Boston Tea Party happened in Boston, Massachusetts. This happened because the colonists were mad because they taxed their tea. That made the colonists really mad. 

           The events leading up to the Boston Tea Party is that they liked to drink tea a lot. It was the most popular drink back then. The British decided to raise the tax on the tea. That really upset the colonist. Later they called the raise on tea tax as Tea Act. So then the colonists decided to dress up as Mohawk Indians. So then they decided to go to the dock where the tea was and they dumped it out into the sea.

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