Townshend Act
by Tim

        The Townshend act was placed on the American colonies to punish them for the Boston Tea party.  The Townshend act places a tax on lead, glass, tea, paint, and paper that Americans imported from England.  The reasons for these actions are very reasonable. For example, they have been treating the British Parliaments decisions like there nothing, therefore they have had to repay them since it is Britains  colony.  They placed these taxes still trying to fill the financial problems left by the war.  Also, John Dickinson wrote twelve essays on how to revolt from these taxes. This is one of the many ways the Parliament of England has tried to regain there money after the Indian French war.   The parliament of England placed these taxes on the colonies in 1767.   One of the many affects of these actions was a violent protest.  If the colonist of Boston had not dumped that tea in the harbour, also known has the Boston Tea Party the colonist would not have to worry about all these taxes.   Also, as a result Britain sent more than 400 troops to Boston to protect the commissioner from outbreak in Boston.   As you can see, once again Britain has failed to find a way to get rid of there debt and make the colonist happy.

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