Revolutionary War
By Alex, Luke, and Blake
The Stamp Act

Declaration of Independance

The Townshend Act

Boston Tea Party

The Intolerable Acts

Results of the War

    1. Would your group have gone to war to declare your Independance from Britain? Explain
Yes, because we would rather be free and untaxed, than under British rule
 2. What were the major points that made your decision? Explain
We wanted to be free and we wanted no it to be taxed by the British

 3. Did all of your group members agree the decision?
Yes, all of our group members agreed with our decision because we don't want to be taxed of be under British rule
 4. What are the alternitives to war? Explain
Yes, there are alternitives to war, like to form a treaty or to sign a truce or make a compromise
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