Townshend Acts
  By: Bethany  
King George, Prime Minister Rockingham, William Pitt, and Charles Townshend
The Townshend Acts is the tax of things such as glass, lead, paint, and tea imported by colonists
The Townshend Acts started in 1767
In all the colonies and Britain
Because Charles Townshend wanted to strenghten the power of the British Parliament
Because William Pitt replaced Prime Minister Rockingham, but then Pitt became sick and Townshend took over
    In the summer of 1766, King George III replaced Prime Minister Rockingham with William Pitt, and everybody liked him because he didn't agree with the Stamp Act and believed that everyone was entitled to the Rights of citizens.  Pitt became sick very fast so Charles Townshend took over.  He only cared about wanting to strengthen the British Parliament.  Townshend convinced Parliament,in 1767, to pass laws on imposing taxes on the colonists. Everything was taxed like lead, glass,paint, paper, and tea. Many people began to protest because Townshend Acts taxed the colonists directly.


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