Declaration of Independence
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Who wrote the Declaration fof Independence? Thomas Jefferson wrote it. The committee was made up of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, and Thomas Jefferson.
What is the Declaration of Independence? The Declaration is a historic document in which the American colonies stated their freedom from Britain, which is now the United Kingdom.
When was the Declaration of Independence written and submitted? Richard Henry Lee came up with the idea on June 7th,  1776. Congress accepted the Declaration of Independence of July 4th, 1776.
Where was the Declaration of Independence written? It was written in Philedelphia.
Why was it written? It was written to give the Americans freedom from the British and to establish their own governments.
How did it come to be? Richard Henry Lee had this resolution to become independent. The pamphlet "Common Sense" was written also and it had American support to become independent. A committe was then made to write the document.

The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration can be divided into four parts: 1) The Preamble 2) A Declaration of Rights 3) A Bill of Indictment; and 4) A Statement of Independence.

The Declaration is a historic document in which the American colonies stated their freedom from Britain, which is now the United Kingdom. A meeting of delegates from the colonies, known as the Second Continental Congress, came up with the Declaration on July 4th, 1776.

The Declaration expresses the reasons for rejecting the British rules. It had great opening magnificent paragraphs saying that the people of every country have the right to change or take over any government that breaks their necessary rights. The rest of the document stated things such as ways the British government had dishonored their rights. The ideas in the document have inspired the search for freedom around the world.

As the colonists had worried, King George III did not listen to their protests. He saw the colonists as troublemakers and sent more troops to stop the rebellion. Encouraging the way toward freedom was Thomas Paine.
He wrote Common Sense. It said that they were receiving no benefits from Britain. He referred to the king as the Royal Brute of Britain.
The desire for independence grew. On June 7th, 1776, Richard Henry Lee introduced a resolution.

After some debate, Thomas Jefferson was chosen to write the document. He then gave it to Ben Franklin and he changed it a little bit. They then submitted it to Congress.
On July 4th, 1776, they approved the Declaration of Independence. John Hancock signed it first.

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