The Stamp Act
Who was part of the Stamp Act? The British Parliament  started the Stamp Act with George Grenville's (King George's chief cabinet minister) support.
What was the Stamp Act about? The Stamp Act was where everything having to do with paper was taxed.  You had to carry a pocketbook that said if you payed the tax for that thing.  You were given a stamp if you did pay for it.
When did the Stamp Act take place? The Stamp Act was passed on March 22, 1765, but the Stamp Act Congress (a group of people from nine colonies) came together to form a statement  protesting the Stamp Act.  This was the first action of  protesting the Stamp Act.  Finally, British Parliament stopped the Stamp Act in 1776.
Where did the Stamp Act take place? The Stamp Act took place everywhere in the colonies, in America.
Why did the Stamp Act happen? The Stamp Act happened because the British thought that they could get away with taxing the colonies so that Britain would have more money and power.
How did the Stamp Act turn out? The results to the Stamp Act turned into a boycott.  There was also a Congress called "The Stamp Act Congress" that wrote up a statement saying that the British should have no power over the colonies.  The Stamp Act stopped in 1766.

    The Stamp Act started when George Grenville came up with the idea to tax colonists so the British Parliament would get the colonists money.  On March 22, 1765, the Stamp Act was passed.  The colonists became angry and began to protest.  A group of people from nine of the thirteen colonies came together to form what we know as the Stamp Act Congress.  They formed a statement protesting against the Stamp Act.  This was the first protest against the Stamp Act.  Finally, after
one year of protest and angry mobs, the British Parliament stopped the Stamp Act in 1766.



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