Revolutionary War
Jennifer, Bethany, and Holly
Intolerable Acts

Boston Tea Party
Declaration of Independance
Townshend Acts

Stamp Act

Results of the War

Would our group have gone to war to declare independence from Britain? Yes, because we don't want our chocolate being taxed.  We like to have our own rights.  We also have better war skills than the British do.  We want independence from Britain because they have ruled over us for too long.
What were the major points that made our decision? We have better war skills, we want our own rights, we want to have our own established government without King George III, that we may one day have freedom to make our own rules and country.
Did all of us agree with the decision? We all agreed that we would go to war to fight for our own rights.  We wouldn't want to have to pay high taxes on the most important necessities in life.
What are the alternates to war? Negotiation.  Treaties.  Settling matters without fighting.  A nice sit down at a meeting to discuss the problem.

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