Intorable act
by Keegan

    Intolerable acts were five British laws to witch the American colonist strongly objected. The acts were passed by the British parliament early in 1774. Four of these laws were intended to punish the people of mass. For destroying the tea that they threw in Boston harbor in December 1773. The first act the Boston port act closed the port of Boston according to this law the port would be repented only after Bostonians paid for the tea. The second acts provided that any officer or soldier the British government who was arrested for murder could be sent to England for trial.
        The third act called the Massachusetts Government act changed the charter of Massachusetts It provided for a council appointed by the crown and prohibited town meetings without the governors permission except to elect officers the fourth act required the colonist to quarter British solders.  Americans mistakenly believed that the fifth act called the Quebec act was also intended as a punishment this act extended the province of Quebec southward to the Ohio River and granted freedom of worship the roman The intolerable acts were important force in uniting Britains 13 Americans colonies.
    The British leaders who had intended merely to punish one colony found that they had practically driven the colonies to war

        Boston port act- was a law passed by the British parliament in 1774. It Was of on e the four laws that were intended to punish the citizen of Boston for there destruction of the tea in Boston harbor on December 16. 1773. The Boston port act went into effect on June 1 1774. It alternates the Massachusetts charter of 1669 to give the British greater control of the colony. The act also closed the port of Boston. The four laws the included the Boston port act together with the Quebec act are usually called the intorable acts or the coercive acts. They aroused great anger in all the colonies. Many of the colonial legislatures offered to help Massachusetts if it continued to defy England. The Boston port act was thus one of the causes of the revolutionary war in America (1775-1783)

    In March 1774 parliament passed a series of laws know as the coercive acts pne of the acts closed the port of Boston until payment was made for the tea. Another act provided that BRITISH OFFICAILAS ACCUSED OF A CRIME WERE TO BE tried in English rather that American courts. Still another act another act provided that British troop could be quartet in any town in mass. Even in private homes Finally the mass. Charter was amended to greatly reduce the colonys rights of self-government. The end result was Boston and the colony of mass. Was it suffering for the actions of handful of unknown persons who had staged the protest the provisions that they were called the intorablke acts throughout the colonies.
    At the same time parliament passed the Quebec act. This act extended the Canadian province of Quebec south of Ohio River. It also allowed French Canadians to keep their laws, Language.and Roman Catholic religion. Colonist saw the act as the first step toward doing away with jury trials and protests in the colonies. They also believed the boundary changes were made to keep American settlers out of the western lands.