The results of the Revolutinary War

Revolutionary war. Led to the birth of a new nation the U.S.  The war, which is also called the American Revolution, was fought between the United Kingdom and its 13 colonies that lay along the Atlantic ocean in north America. The war begin on April 19 1775 when British soldiers and American patriots clashed at

    Yet in the 1775 the Americans colonies rebelled against British authority. The dramatic turnabout resulted form disagreements over the proper relationship between the United Kingdom and its colonist one the other hand believed that they had certain rights that the untied kingdom should respect. The whished to be treated like adults not children. Each side refused to yield whit led to military showdown and eventual independence for the colonies.

The United Kingdoms power in the north America was at its height in 1763 on 12 years before the revolutionary war begin. The United Kingdom had jut defeated France in the French and India war. The treaty that ended the war gave untied kingdom almost all of Frances territory in the north America, that territory stretched from Appalachian mountains in the eat to the Mississippi river and included much of Canada most American colonist took pride in being part of the British empire which was then the worlds most powerful empire.