Results of the Revolutionary War

 By: Brittani

 revolutionary war  As of the Revolutionary War, the 13 British colonies were thrown off the royal rule. In it's place, they decided to establish government's rules by law and were dedicated  to the guarantee of certain basic rights, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Thomas Pain had said "that he would contribute more to enlighten the world and diffuse a spirit of freedom and liberty among  mankind, than any human event...that ever preceded it."


19 Apr. 1775 CE.  The start of the American War of independence, which began, with the battles of Lexington and Concord


1775 CE


American Revolutionary forces capture Montreal

1775 CE Americans drag cannon up hill to fight British (Gun Hill Road, Bronx)
4 July 1776 CE American Declaration of Independence was signed 
1776 Americans begin shelling British troops in Boston 
1776 Americans begin shelling British troops in Boston
1776 Americans withdraw from Manhattan to Westchester
1776 British defeat Americans in Battle of Long Island
1776 The first American Revolutionary flag diplayed
11 Sep 1777 Battle of Brandywine, Pennsylvania; Americans lose to British
7 Oct 1777 Americans beat the British in the second Battle of Saratoga and the Battle of Bemis Heights
1777 The first American national Thanksgiving Day, commemorating Burgoyne's surrender
1778 The first American military court martial trail begins, Cambridge Ma
15 July 1779 American General Anthony Wayne captures Stony Point, Bronx
12 May 1780 Charelston SC falls to the British, with losses of 5,400 men, 4 ships  and military arsenal, this was the worst American defeat of the Revolutionary War
16 Aug 1780 British decisively defeat Americans in Battle of Camde, South Carolina
7 Oct 1780 The British defeated by AMerican militia near Kings Mountain, Sout Carolina; Cornwallis  abandons his invasion of North Carolina

 War Losses

    About 7,200 Americans were killed in a battle during the Revolutionary War
Approximately 8,500 died after being captured by the British and then were put in prison.
    Approximately 25,700 American military deaths from all different kinds of causes during the war
    Approximately 1,400 soldiers had gone missing
Approximately 10,000 deaths of the British military during the war

    Many of the soldiers in the Continental Army came out of the war penniless. While they were serving in the war they received little or no pay at all. Soldiers who had enlisted for the entire war received certificates for western land. But many veterans had to sell certificates, because they needed some money before Western lands became available. In 1818, Congress had agreed to pay pensions to needy veterans.

 Costs of the War

    The 13 states and the Congress went deeply into debt to finance the Revolutionary War. A new Constitution, approved in 1778, gave Congress the power of taxation.

     The Revolutionary War severely strained the United Kingdoms economy. The king and Parliament feared the war might bankrupt the country. After the war, trade expanded over the United States and it helped the economy recover. Taxes on the trade reduced the United Kingdoms debt.

 The End of the War
The fighting of the Revolutionary War was centered in Virginia during 1781.

   January traitor Benedict Arnold began conducting raids in Virginia for the British, who made him brigadier general.

Surrendar at Yorktown

The last major battle of the revolutionary War was fought at Yorktown.

French and American forces cooperated to deliver a crushing defeat to British forces under Cornwallis.

About 5500  French soldiers had reached America in July 1780

The surrender at Yorktown took place on Oct. 19, 1781.

  More than 8,000 men laid down their arms and a British band reportedly played a tune called "The World Turned Upside Down."

They had represented about a fourth of the United Kingdoms military force in the Americas.

The United Kingdom battle at Yorktown and defeat did not end the war.

 The fighting dragged on for 2 more years in some areas

However the British leaders feared that they might lose other parts in the United Kingdoms empire if they had continued the war in America Cornwalliss defeat at Yorktown brought a new group of British ministers to power early in 1782.

They began peace talks with the Americans


Treaty of Paris

Peace discussions between the British and the Americans had opened up in Paris of April 1782.

The Congress instructed the American delegates to consult with the French before they took any action.

The treaty of Paris recognized the independence of the United States and established the new nations borders.

The Congress approved the treaty on April 15, 1783, and it was signed on Sept. 3, 1783.

 The treaty also granted the Americans fishing rights off the coast of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

The last British soldiers were withdrawn from New York City in November 1783.


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