Revolutionary War
By: Jennifer, Kristin, and Brittani

Declaration of Independance
Boston Tea Party

Stamp Act
Results of War
Intolerable Acts
Townshend Acts


1.Would your group have gone to war to declare independance from Britain?
Our group would have gone to war, because we would want independance. We know it would take awhile to get people to trade with us and to make sure we have laws to have everyone be safe, but we still would have gone to war. We think that it is important to let America have independance, because if they didn't, then we all would have a horrible life because we wouldn't be free.
2. What are the major points that made your decision?
Major points that helped us make the decision of going to war were that we wanted independance. We wanted independance because we thought it would be best if we could make our own economy, and if
3. Did all group members agree with the decision?
We did agree on this decision. We agreed that it would be best for our country if we went to war to become free, because

4. What are alternatives to war?

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