Intolerable Acts
By: Jennifer

Easily Put:
Who British
What Quartering Act, Boston Port Act, Administration of Justice Act, Massachusetts Government Act, Quebec Act
When Quartering Act- March 24, 1765
Boston Port Act- June 1, 1774
Administration of Justice Act- May 20, 1774
Massachusetts Government Act- May 20, 1774
Quebec Act- May 20, 1774
Where American Colonies- Mainly Massachusetts
Why Wanted to make life easier and more efficient for the British troops in America
How Issued the 5 parts of the Intolerable Acts


    The Intolerable Acts were also called the Coercive Acts.There were five different parts of the Intolerable Acts. The Quartering Act was issued on March 24, 1765. It made it so the colonists had to house the British soldiers when they were in America. The Boston Port Act was issued on June 1, 1774. This closed down the Boston Port. The Boston Port whould reopen after the Boston Tea Party. The way that colonists protested against this act was all the shop owners closed their shops. The Administration of Justice Act was issued in May 20, 1774. This made it so that the British soldiers were never tried in the county courts, and would be tried in Britain. The Massachusetts Government Act was passed on May 20, 1774. This act gave British control of the town meetings, and that made the colonists almost powerless in America. The Quebec Act was passed on May 20, 1774. This Act changed the borders of Canada. The main reasons for these Acts was to give British more control. The main people involved in this act were Massachusetts and Great Britain. One year after the Intolerable Acts were issued, the American Revolution broke out. Virginia protested by fasting once a week. they recommended that the other colonies did the same, and they all did.

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