Townshend Acts             By: Sarah Olberding

Who were involved in the Townshend Acts?
What is the Townshend acts?
What happened?

Where did the British tax people?
When did start?
Why did it happen?
How did the colonists pay the taxes?
How did they like the Acts?
The British treasurer Charles Townshend and the British King The Townshend Acts were British tricks to cut the British land tax and to tax the colonist. The treasurer of the British, Charles Townshend, thought of an idea to tax the people. Charles told the King , and he liked it.  So the King started to tax the people of the United States.
They taxed the colonists in the United States.
The Townshend Acts started in June of 1767.

It happened because the British didn't have enough money to supply their own people from the other war that just happened.
The colonists would pay the British government with

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