ReVoLuTiOnArY wAr
By: JoRdAn, HaLeY, aNd KaTy

Boston Tea Party
Declaration Of Independence
Townshend Act
Results of War
Stamp Act
Intolerable Acts


      1.)  Would your group have gone to war to declare independence from Britian?

                         Yes because they had no right to make all of those unfair rules, and if they didn't go to war then we could still be ruled by Britian today.  That is why we would go to war.

                2.)  What were the major points that made your decision?

                         The Major points that made our decision were the townshed acts, and that Britian was very bossy in the rules that they made and they thought they could overrule us, which we didnt want to happen. Another point that helped make our decision, was the Stamp Act.

                3.)   Did all of the group members agree with the decision?
                            Yes, we all thought that Britian should have been stopped, and the only way we could've stopped them is if we went to war.

                4.)  What were the alternatives to war?

                         An alternative to war would be to protest or try to settle an agreement with the King.  Another alternative would be to make a peace treaty stating the two boundary's rights.

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