The Boston
Tea Party

Who? Samuel Adams, Boston Citizens, and the Sons of Liberty
What? The men dressed up and went to the harbor to throw the tea from the ships overboard.
When? December 16, 1773
Where? The ports in Boston

Because th king passed the Tea Act, which allowed the British East India Company to import their tea without paying taxes.  This hurt the colonists, because the people who suplied tea, and worked at the sea ports were put out of work.  The colonists first protested by boycotting tea, but it didn't work.  The Boston Tea Party was the next step in protest.
How? The Sons of Liberty, along with other Boston Citizens, dressed up as Mohawk Indians.  They walked down to the harbor by cover of night.  They took over the ships, filled with tea, and threw the tea overboard.  They left the ships perfectly in tact, but destroyed all the tea. 

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