*The Results Of The Revolutionary War*

  • When the war was over, about 7,200 Americans were killed and about 8,200 were wounded. 
  • About 10,000 other people died from other causes. 
  • About 8,500 Americans died in British prisons. 
  • The total amount of American deaths totaled 25,700, and about 1,400 American soldiers were missing.
  •  About 10,000 British people died in the war. 
  • A lot of the soldiers in the Continental Army made no money during the war, but they did recieve certificates for land in the West.  Many of the veterans had to sell these certificates however, because they needed money.  In 1818, the government decided to pay a pension, which is a monthly payment, to the veterans of the war. 
  • The colonist, and their government, went into bankruptcy.  In 1788, a new congress was put together, which allowed the government to tax the colonists. 
  • Europe's king thought that the war may put his country into bankruptcy. 
  • The war actually increased trade with other countries, because the Americas were now able to trade independently. 
  • Frace was the worst hit country, and they almost went into bankruptcy.  The American Colonists inspired the French, and so the financial situation in France lead to the French Revolution.

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