Revolutionary War
By: Kristi, Kelsey, Kristen
Stamp Act

Intolerable Acts

Townshend Act

Boston Tea Party

Declaration of Independence

Results of the War

Questions and Answers
Would you have gone to war to declare independence from Britain? Explain.
Yes, because it defined our freedom in the Declaration of Independence. We thought the taxes were greatly unfair and that the British were using us just for some money. Although we lost a lot of money and soldiers, if we wouldn't of gone to declare independence we wouldn't have gotten our freedom, and the United States of America wouldn't be the same as it is today.
What were the major points that made your decision? (Explain - Use major points from individual web sites.)
One major point to going to war was that it gave our country a boost of energy and "power" when the British surrendered due to too many British deaths. Also, the Declaration of Independence, even though British ignored it then, it still valuable today and declares our rights as Americans.
Did all group members agree with the decision? Explain.
Yes, because we all believed that we needed the war to declare our independence. We all agreed that if we didn't go to war, that our country wouldn't of been the same as it is today. However, when we were first deciding our decision, we were a little shaky one our final say. We knew we wanted to go to war and that the outcome many years later was good, but part of the outcome right after the war wasn't the best. We lost a lot of soldiers and money, but in the end, we all agreed with going to war.
What are the alternatives to war? Explain. (Did your group choose and alternative to war? Why or why not?)
Some alternatives to war might of been to try our hardest to try to compromise with the British. Back then, they didn't compromise as much, they just went to war and tried to have war decide everything. Instead of war, we should try to compromise, or maybe even make some new laws or my a treaty to try to have peace everywhere.
We did not choose an alternative to war, because we wanted to try to win our rights as soon as possible. Sometimes if two countries try to compromise and they continue to have different opinions and they're both really studorn, it's hard to try to get what each person wants very fast.

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