.::.The Boston Tea Party.::.

By: Kelsey
On December 16, 1773 three ships went into the Boston Harbor. Colonists of Boston, who were actually in disguise as Indians, emptied 342 chests of tea into the harbor. The government was shocked. They couldnt believe that their own citizens could be showing such lack of respect towards their royals. The government was going to get them back. Stated in the Intolerable Acts the government was making the people of Boston to pay back every bit of money that was put into the tea that they wasted. That wasnt all; the government was going to tax them too. So they wouldnt just be paying for the tea but taxes to. The colonists were angry so when the ships came to the harbor with more tea they tried to send them back to England. This attempt failed when the governor/leader of the Boston Tea Party rejected the idea. The brawl went on between the British and the colonists.  They colonist finally told the British to open the ports back up.

Boston Tea Party

Who? The colonist of Boston.
What? The colonist dumped 342 chest of brand new tea into the Boston Harbor.
When? On December 16th, 1773/
Where? Boston, Massachusettes
Why? The colonist thought that maybe doing something so extreme would get the goverment's attention. They wanted the goverment to give them their freedom and
How? The colonist dressed up as indians and snuck onto boats, so they could dump the tea into the harbor.


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