Intolerable Acts
By: Kelsey


    The Intolerable Acts were five British laws that the American colonists did not approve of. The British Parliament approved these acts in the year if 1774. Four of the five laws were made to have a bad effect on the people of Massachusetts. Why they did this was because the people of Massachusetts poured the Britishs beloved tea into the Boston Harbor the year before. The first act was the Boston Port Act. They closed the port of Boston. They told the people that the port would open once again when they paid for all of the tea that they had wasted. The second act was if any soldier, officer, or anyone apart of the British Government was arrested for murder they were able to have the chance to be sent to England for trial. The third act, which was known as the Massachusetts Government Act, changed the contract of Massachusetts. It supplied a council that was given by the King and you were not to have a meeting without the governors permission, except if you were selecting new members into the group. The fourth act stated that the colonists of Massachusetts had to provide food and housing for the British soldiers. The fifth act was known as the Quebec Act. The colonist believed that this act was also intended for punishment against them, but that was not the case. The Quebec act actually was intended for the freedom of worship to Roman Catholics in that region. The acts were a big impact on Britains 13 colonies. The British thought that t
hese acts were so they could receive there money for the tea, but what they didnt know was that these acts would lead to war.

What? The Intolerables Acts
Where? Massachusetts
When? 1774
Why? The colonist wanted to get the goverment's attention so they dumped tea into the harbor, but the goverment got back at them with these Acts.
How? The goverment organized 5 acts that would restrict the colonist from disobeying the goverment
Who? The colonists and goverment

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