Revolutionary War
by Nicole, Erika, and Mitch

Boston Tea Party
Intolerable Acts
Stamp Act

Results of the War

Declaration of Independence

Townshend Acts

Short Answer:

1. Would your group have gone to war to declare indpendence from Britain?

      Yes, we would go to war because we would have no other choice. King Henry enforced unfair rules and tariffs. We would have been mad, and fed up because we have no represtation in the government. Also, the people should be the important part in the government

2. What were the major points that made your decision?
      We thought that King Henry treated all of the Americans unfairly and we had to do something about it. We would have wanted to recreate our own government so that the people could get what they want, and it would be fair.

3. Did all group members agree with this desicion? Explain.
     Eventually, after discussion we all agreed that war would probably be the best option. At first, Nicole and Erika thought that it would be best not to go to war because it would cost a lot of money and it would put a lot of lives in danger, but we realized that the best and fastest solution for the American people would be to go to war.

4. What are the alternates to war? Explain.
      Some alternatives to war are sending peacemakers to the opposing country to make peace treaties. Another one could be try to settle things out with payments to each country so that they can both have their ways.

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