Declaration of Independance

The Declaration of Independence is a historic document in which the American Colonies declared their freedom from Britain, which is now United Kingdom. The Second Continental Congress which is a meeting of delegates from each of the colonies adopted the Declaration on July 4, 1776. Which is the holiday, as most of you know, where we celebrate our independance from Great Britain. The fourth of July.

     Some of the main events  that lead up to the signing and adopting of the constitution were the  raising of taxes called the  Stamp Act of 1765, the Townshend Acts of 1767, and the Tea Act of 1773.  The  Stamp  Act  required the colonists to pay for tax stamps that were placed on newspapers, playing  cards, diplomas, and  various legal documents.  The  colonists  resisted that  act so  it forced the  Parliamant to  repeal the act in 1767.  The Townshend Acts placed taxes on imported goods.  To get back at the  British for doing for this they boycotted British goods. In 1770, Parliament took of all of the taxes on everything but  tea.  Just like all the other times before the colonist didn't allow the British to step all over them,  they stuck up for themselves.  The colonist s  dumped out hundreds of pounds of  British tea into  Boston  Harbor.  This event became later known as the Boston Tea Party.
    This taxing situation is sort of the same thing all along. The British do something that isnt to the colonist's satisfaction and the people of America strike back with a retaliation against the British and it keeps going back and fourth.
    On July 2, 1776, Congress accepted the Lee resolution, which was pretty much an agreement plan between the British and the Americas. Thomas Jefferson wrote the draft of the Declaration. Delegates began looking over the draft and editing where they all thought it would be needed. On July 4, Congress accepted the final draft of the Declaration of Independance. The Declaration was signed by John Hancock as a president of the Second Continental Congress and also Charles Thomson, the Congress's secretary.

    The importance of the Declaration of Independance is our freedom from Great Britain. That is so important because if we didnt we would still be under British control today. It also allows us to be our own indivual and unique government.



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