Revolutionary War
By: Noah, Colin, E

Stamp Act

Intolerable Acts
Townshend Act

Boston Tea Party

Declaration of Indepndence

Results of the war

        Would you go to war to declare independence from Britain?
             Yes we would go to war because we would want to make our own decisions and to have our own freedom. Because Britains had controll over the other people.
                        What were the major points that made your decision?
              All of us agreed that we hate when our parents or people in charge tell us what to do and how we are supposed to do it. So if we were there back then we would definatly get involved in some way.
Did all group members agree with the decision?
   Yes everyone agrees with the idea because we believe that the British would never release us from thier control. Honestly, if we were the British we would never release the Americans because it would just be a stupid thing to do. They pretty much had us at their mercy, like a little puppy waiting for its owner's instructions.
What were the alternatives to war and why did you make the decision you did?
    Some of the alternatives were to just try to sit down with the British and talk out our differences and problems. We could also just try to ignore them or don't associate with them. We decided to go against those alternatives because we didn't think that the British would listen to us and try to make peace with us. If we just completely ignored them then that may result in them attacking us without us being aware. That would be a very dangerous situation.
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