Intolerable Acts
By: Colin

The intolerable acts were 5 British acts that the Americans did not like. The acts were passed in 1774. Four of these laws were intended to heart the people that dumped the tea into the harbor in Masachutess. The intolerable acts were also known as the Coercive acts. The first act the boston port act closed the Boston port.  To open the port again the Boston people had to pay for all the tea. The second act was that all british soliders that were in jail for murder would be sent to England for  trial.  The third act called the Massachetuss government act it changed the whole charter of Massachetuss it was without government permission.. the fourth act required colonist to quarter british soliders

The government spent a lot of money on troops and equipment to attempt to subjugate massachutess. British rich people had los a lot of money on goods that were shipped tom the U.S. The revenue creared the townshed act.

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