Revolutionary War
By Peter, Max, Brandon, Chris

Stamp Act

Intolerable Acts, Max's

Intolerable Acts, Peters

Townshend Acts

Boston Tea Party

Max's Declaration of Independence

Results of the War  

Would your group have gone to war to declare independence from Britain? Explain.

Chris says, Yes, we would probably not be here.
Brandon says, Yes I would be Bristish- Asian not an  Asian American.
Peter says, Yes like Chris states, I would not be here.
Max says, yes if Britain was incontroll with this country, I would be walking around saying, "'ello gov'na!"

What were the major points that made your decision? (Explain- Use major points from indivdual websites)
We all thought it would be better to be independent, to be seprate from Britain.

Did all group members agree with the decision? Explain.
Yes. There was not any disagreements.

What are the alternatives to war? Explain. (why or why not did your group choose an alternative to war)
Becoming British. Having a Monarcy.

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