Revolutionary War
Ryan, Hunter, and Mitchell

Stamp Act
Intolerable Acts
Townshend Acts
Boston Tea Party
Declaration of Independence
Results of the War
 Would your group have gone to war?
Our group would have tried negotiating peacefully, but if we couldn't negotiate we'd have gone to war. Also we would've gone to war because the tax was unfair.

What are the major points that made your decision?
The taxes were unfair, as we would side with the side that said that the British were taxing us unfairly. We would think that if they were to tax us they should at least tax the people of Britain as well. They could also treat us as British citizens.

Did all group members agree with the decision?
Yes. We all agreed that the answer to the problems with the British could have probably have been solved with some serious negotiating. We also believe that if the British refused to have some sort of negotiation with us, we would have gone to war. We wouldn't want to have been ruled by a country that was ignorant to peace.

What are the alternatives to war?
An alternative to war would be to make a peaceful negotiation. Doing so would help ensure peace and maybe even prevent the war altogether! However, this could not be accomplished, as the British king would not listen to negotiations for peace. We could have gone with the taxes, even though we feel they were unfair, and we would stay "British citizens". However, the king may have made even more taxes, effectively making the people even unhappier.

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