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Declaration of Independence
Hello, I am here to tell you about the declaration of  independance.  As you should know, it is an old peice of paper that we keep stuffed up in a glass container.  It is also the only reason why America is still standing.
The Declaration of Independence was drafted by Thomas Jefferson in June 11th, and finished drafting it June 28th.  Thomas Jefferson just happens to be the president I am working on in another class. LOL!
The Declaration was sent to the King in England who was making them pay taxes for tea and many other things, but that's another story.
Actually the Declaration wasn't signed until after the war.  The Americans didn't want a country with rules, being afraid of thier government becoming another Monarchy.  Monarchy is where one person (a king or queen) makes a decision where the people have no say in it.
The Declaration of Independence

It pretty much says to the king that they aren't happy with what he is doing to them and also explains why they are writing this document.
Declaration of Narual Rights Explains that they want freedom from the British and start thier own country.

List of Grievances
This part of the Declaration is where the people are complaining about what the king has done to them that made them unhappy (it's a pretty long list

Resolution of the United States
They are saying that they are going to break off of Great Britian and create a new country
Signatures of the people that agree to the terms of the Declaration of the United States (back then the states weren't that united).