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Townshend Acts

Well here I am, typing about the stuff I thought I would never need in Social Studies.  I bet the reason why you are on this site is because you are doing a report on the townshen acts or you are just curious (you're a really sad person if the second one is your reason)
Well, the townshend acts were acts that were decalred by the person who ownded the colonies (King George III) Great Britian.
The townshend acts caused people to pay extra taxes on certain items like lead, paint, paper, glass, and tea.
In 1776 Ol' King George here replaced this nice little fellow named Rockingham with a really mean man named William Pitt (I don't know how he got that name and I don't want to find out).  Will was mean to the people and decided to continue his torture by giving the king the idea to declare townshend acts.
Well the people started getting angry and they started revolting which leaves to the conclusion that this is one of the reasons that the Revolutionary War started.