Revolutionary War
By: Tyler,Yadi, and Alexis
Stamp Act
Intolerable Acts
Townshend Act
Boston Tea Party
Declaration of Indepencence
Results of the War
Four Questions

Would your group have gone to war to declare independence from Britain?

1. Yes, because if that was the only way to get independence then we would have gone to war.

What were the major points that made your decision?

2. A lot of things weren't fair like getting taxed, and even though they got independence they still had to  pay taxes to make it more fair.

Did all your group members agree with the decision? Explain.
3. Yes, because we all thought that our independence means a lot to our country, and we wanted freedom and going to war was the only way we could get freedom.

What are the alternatives to war? Explain.
4. We could have tried to negotiate with them and settled it that way or go to war if they wouldn't have undersstood the consequences of war.

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