Townshend Act

Who: King George III, William Pitt, colonist,British, and Charles Townshend

King George III replaced the Prime Minister with William Pitt. William was admired in the colonies , and he resisted the Stamp Act and thought that colonists were entitled to all the rights of English people. William Pitt suddenly became ill.  Charles Townshend, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, took over the successful reins of the government. Townshend was not concerned with the delicacy of the rights of American Colonist. Townshend wanted to strengthen the power of the British parliament, which would all together strengthen the power of royal officials. He convinced the Parliament to pass a series of laws imposing new taxes on the colonists. These laws included special taxes on lead, paint, paper glass, and tea imported by colonists. In addition, the New York legislature was suspended until it agrees to quarter British soldier. The Acts also insured that colonial officials, including governors and judge, would receive their salaries directly from the Crown. Finally, a new army of custom officials was created of enforce these new taxes.

When: The Townshend Act started on June 1767. It ended in March 1770 when the Act was repealed except for the taxation on tea.
Where: Boston
Why/How: Charles Townshend told the king that maybe he should start taxing the colonist.The king accepted his suggestion and started taxing.

Other Facts
The Townshend Acts were a British trick to cut the British land tax and tax the colonists. The British treasurer Charles Townshend had the idea for the tax and the King liked it.

The Act established a board of customs collectors in Boston.

The money collected from these important taxes was used to pay the salaries of the British colonial officials. This made them more independent of the colonial legislatures and more and more able to enforce the British orders and laws. Its caused the colonists to be angry.


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