The Stamp Acts
By: Alex

Who Parliament.
What Passed the Stamp Acts.
When 1765.
Where America.
How By vote.
Why They lost lots of money in the French and Indian War so they taxed the Americans.

The events that took place during the Stamp Acts..

*Stamp Acts passed by Parliament in 1765.

*Required colonists to pay taxes on stamped goods.

*Stamps placed on goods such as Newspapers, playing cards, diplomas, legal documents, etc.

*They lead to riots.

*Some colonists didnt allow the stamps to be sold.

*Merchants from port cities promised not to order British goods until the act was ended.

*October 1765- delegates of nine different colonies gathered in N.Y.C. and created a statement protesting the stamp act.

*The delegates argued that Parliament shouldnt be able to tax their colonies because there werent any colony reps in the Parliament.

*The Stamp Act Congress was the first united action made by the colonies against British law.

*The Stamp Act was abolished in 1766 by British parliament.

Riots During the Stamp Acts
^Riots in the Colonies during the Stamp Acts^

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