Intolerable Acts
By Wyatt

The Intolerable Acts, also called the Coercive Acts by Britain, were five laws enacted 1774 in response to the Boston Tea Party. The reason behind these laws was to punish Massachusetts's for the tea they had dumped, and to make them compensate the East India Tea Company for the tea.

1st Boston Port Act -
March 18, 1774
Closed the Port of Boston until restitution for the tea was made and it also moved the Massachusetts's Capital to Salem.
2nd Impartial Administration of Justice Act - May 20, 1774
Any officer or soldier of British arrested for murder could be sent to England for Trial. This way they could secure impartial trails to them.
3rd Massachusetts's Government Act - May 20, 1774 Changed the charter of Massachusetts, provided for a council appointed by the Crown, and prohibited town meetings.
4th The Quartering Act -
June 2, 1774
Forced the Colonists to Quarter or feed and house British soldiers whenever there was a lack of food or room in the barracks.
5th Quebec Act- June 22, 1774 Extended the province of Quebec southward to the Ohio river and granted freedom for Roman Catholics to worship in the province. 

The goal of these acts was to punish only Massachusetts, but Britain received more then they bargained for. Even thought it was intended to punish only one colony, all the colonies took affiance from the acts because they had already been punished and taxed in so many ways by Britain. They thought they had made it clear that they did not like what Britain was doing, and when they punished one colony they punished them all because they were in it together and would strike together. Instead of punishing and dividing the colonies they were uniting them and causing them to resent Britain even more. This was the major factor to the outbreak of the American Revolution, and caused the states to unite for a great cause freedom, and independence from Britain.


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