Intolerable Acts
By: Michael

 The British Parliament were the ones in 1774 who decided on the Acts. These Intolerable Acts consist of five different acts. Four of them were for punishing Massachusetts for throwing the tea
 into the Boston Harbor in December. Another name for all of the Intolerable Acst was Coercive Acts.

Name of Acts What did they inforce?

Boston Port Act
They claed the port of Boston and they only way that they would respond was after Bostinians paid for the tea and showed the British authority respect.
Secound Act Stated that any British officer of soldier who was arrested for murder would be sent to england for trial.
Massachusetts Government Act England passed a law that colonist have a town meeting without governors permission
Fourth Act Request the colonists fo quarter or feed the British soldiers
Quebec Act This extended providence all the way to the Ohio river and granted them freedom

Boston Port Bill June 1, 1774
Quarting Act March 24, 1765
Administration Of Justice Act May 20, 1774
Massachusetts Government Act May 20, 1774
Quebec Act May 20, 1774

Only involved Massachusetts

They mad most of these acts because they were angry at all of the protestion that the colonist had done. Also they were angered and shocked about the tea being dumped into the Harbor.
The colonist had a good reason though becaus the king, George the III,  raised  the taxes they
had to pay.

The Coercive Acts  were presented to the colonist. When they looked at the acts they disagreed with all of them and what the British wanted them to do. They diagreed so much that they changed the Coercive Acts name to the Intolerable Acts because they couldn't tolerate.


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