Boston Tea Party

It was a raid by American conolinsts on three ships in Boston Harbor on the 16th of December, 1773. They dumped 342 chests of tea into the harbor to avoid payment of a British Tax on tea. The British response helped unify the colonists and brought the colonists closer to movement for American independence.
Who British Parliament and  American conolinsts
What In 1767, the British Parliament had placed import taxes on several items imported into America. Many colonists considered such taxes to be illegal and were determined not to pay them. In 1770, the British government repealed all the duties except for one on imported tea, so then the Americans dumped 342 chests of tea into the harbor to avoid payment of a British Tax on tea. So they wouldn't have to pay a tax on tea.After the tea ships arrived in Boston Harbor, the colonists tried to get them sent back to England. Governor Thomas Hutchinson, leading to the Boston Tea Party, rejected those efforts. At a signal perhaps given by resistance leader Samuel Adams, an unknown number of men, possibly 100 or more, boarded the ships and dumped the tea overboard.
Where Boston Harbor
When 1767-1764
Why The British was going bankrupt, so the wanted to put a tax on the tea. That was the Tea Act of 1773. The Americans didn't want the taxes so the told the British to send there ships back, but they wouldn't. The Americans the dumped all of the tea into the Boston Harbor. If u ask why the Americans didn't just buy other tea it is because the British had an monpoly on all of the tea. Which means that they owned all of the tea so they were forced to pay taxes so the British wouldn't go bankrupt.
How The British wouldn't send their ships back so the americans just dumped all of the tea into the harbor.


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