Stamp Act

The British Parliament passed the stamp act in March of  1765. The purpose of the Stamp Act was to raise money for the British troops  that were stationed in America after 1763. The act stated that  the American people must buy stamps for deed's, mortgages, liquor licenses, law licenses, playing cards, almanacs. Even newspaper owners and publishers had to buy stamps for them to be able to publish the newspapers. The colonists didn't like that they had to buy stamps so they started to protest stamp sales.


The colonists didn't like having to buy stamps to publish newspapers. Some of the cities and towns that were under the stamp act made slogans like "No Taxation Without Representation". The Virginia Assembly declared that the Stamp Act was illegal and unjust. The Congress stated that the colonies taxes couldn't be collected without the consent of the colonists. The American's battle against the Stamp Act forced the British Parliament to appeal the Stamp Act.

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