Revolutionary War
Townshend Acts

Lead, Paint, Paper, Glass, Tea
Declaration of Independence
Stamp Act

Boston Tea Party

Results of the Revolutionary War
Intorlerable Acts


1. Would your group would have gone to war to declare independence in Great Britain?
     We would not have, we thought it was a dumb way to settle a simple problem, we would have made a treaty or discussed terms suitable to both sides.

2. What were the major points that made your decision?
     Well looking at the results of the Rev War slide, we saw what devastating effects the war had on the economy, and the overall morale of the country after the war.

3. Did all the group members agree on the decision?
    We all saw the same point of view, that war does not settle things well, and when they do, they corrupt the enviornment that many persons have to live in.

4. What were the alternatives to war?
    Some examples that we had were listed in our first question, treaties, discussions, anything other than war would of been o.k. with us.

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