What And Why
The intolerable Act happened because of the Boston Tea Party.   It  also made people think that King George was a dictator.  The Intolerable Acts were an important force in uniting Britain's 13 Colonies.  The British Leaders only intended to punish Massachusetts, not  not drive them to WAR!


1) Closed Boston Harbor and would open when the Bostonians paid for the tea and showed some respect to the British and

2) Restricted activities of Massachusetts legislature, and gave extra reign to the post of governor of Massachusetts

Five British Laws which colonists strangle opposed. Four of the acts intended to punish the people of Massachusetts for the Boston Tea Party.  The Intolerable Acts were also known as the Coercive Acts.

1. First act: The Boston Port Act, terminating the port of Boston.  The only way is to pay for the tea.

2.Second act: any officer or soldier of the British who was arrested for murder could have a trial in England.

3.Third Act: The Massachusetts Government Act renewed the charter of Massachusetts. Provides a council appointed by the Crown and forbidden town meetings without the governors permission, not including the officers.

4.The fourth Act was the Quartering act.

5.The 5th was the Quebec act was also supposes to be a punishment.