A. Monday Morning November 29th 1773 handbills posted all over Boston 
1.Handbills=A printed sheet or pamphlet distributed by hand.

B. The ship Dartmouth comes from London with a cargo of tea off the bay of Griffins Wharf
1.Twenty civilians were asked to guard and to watch the ship

C. December 14th A meeting was held at Old South to give clearance to the ship to go out to sea

D. December 16th 1773 a meeting to see who would go protest was
    1.Mr. Rotch was selected to go protest


A.Mr. Quincy
B.American Colonist
C.John Adams
D.East India Company


a. American Colonist dressed as Mohawks Dumped Tea into Boston harbor
a. December 16th 1773
2. Where

a. Boston Harbor
3. How
a. The East India Company Taxed tea shipment
4. Why
a. The East India Company taxed the shipment of tea and it cost too much to buy so colonist tried to send it back but they wouldnt allow it so Colonist revolted by dumping tea from the ship, Dartmouth, into Boston Harbor.


a."Friends! Brethren! Countrymen!--That worst of plagues, the detested tea, shipped for this port by the East India Company, is now arrived in the harbor; the hour of destruction, or manly opposition to the machinations of tyranny, stares you in the face. Every friend to his country, to himself and to posterity, is now called upon to meet at Faneuil Hall, at nine o'clock THIS DAY (at which time the bells will ring), to make united and successful resistance to this last, worst, and most destructive measure of administration."

b."It is not," he said, "the spirit that reposes within these walls that must stand us in stead. The exertions of this day will call forth events, which will make a very different spirit necessary for our salvation. Whoever supposes that shouts and hosannas will terminate the trials of this day, entertains a childish fancy. He must be grossly ignorant of the importance and value of the prize for which we contend; we must be equally ignorant of the power of those who have combined against us; we must be blind to that malice, inveteracy and insatiable revenge which actuate our enemies, public and private, abroad and in our bosoms, to hope that we shall end this controversy without the sharpest conflicts--to flatter ourselves that popular resolves, popular harangues, popular acclamations, and popular vapor will vanquish our foes. Let us consider the issue. Let us look to the end. Let us weigh and consider, before we advance to those measures which must bring on the most trying and terrible struggle this country ever saw."

c.Was responded to in kind from the door of the meetinghouse. Another voice in the gallery shouted: "Boston harbor a teapot to-night! Hurrah for Griffin's Wharf!"


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