Stamp Act

Intolerable Acts

Townshend Act

Boston Tea Party

Declaration of Independence

Results of the War


    1. Would your group have gone to war to declare independence from Britain?

    Yes, because Britain's rules were unfair and unjust. We also didn't want to be under a king's rule. They drew the line with all the acts they were making.

    2. What were the major points that made your decision?

    Somethings that made our decision was the king being our ruler, the want for freedom from Britain, or independence, & we wanted the right to make our own rules and law. We wanted to start our own government.

    3. Did all group members agree with the decision?

    Yes, we all said yes...because we wanted our rights our way and we wanted to be free.

    4. What are the alternatives to war?

We could write a document name "The Right's of Man" or something to the king proclaiming the problems that we are currently having in the Americas. An alternative to war is the casualties from both sides....  They could of thought of making a compromises before war.

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